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This drawing is actually really good. I like how the dark atmosphere surrounding the subject is indicating a symbolic meaning, perhaps ...

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"Isabelle, what's the status today?" Said the mayor with a notable tiredness in her voice. The small dog was busy with paperwork but responded to the mayor, turning to her with a cheery smile plastered onto her face.

"Oh you're awake mayor, heh you kind of fell asleep doing work. Hmmmm well as far as any statuses, it appears that there's going to be a new villager in town. Other than that there's not much else thats happening."

The mayor let out a long groan." Who is it now? I swear if it's Shari-"

Isabelle chuckled." Hmm, actually the new villager is a human."

The mayor shot straight up from the dingy chair she slept in." A human? You got to be kidding me."  

Isabelle shook her head." I'm not, heh well I'm sure another human in this town would be good, right mayor?"

The mayor scowled and crossed her arms." I haven't even seen a human in like six years, what if they cause trouble? You know us humans are much too curious and self absorbed for our own good. What if they wreak havoc in this town?" 

Isabelle put a paw on the mayor's shoulder." It'll be fine, I'm sure of it. Lets just work on giving them a warm welcome okay? 

This didn't do much for the troubled mayor as she was already thinking of the worst and curled up in the chair.

"Come on mayor, I'm sure it'll all be fine. Well anyways I believe the new human will be arriving any minute now so I'm going to give them the best welcome."

Isabelle begun walking out of the dark and dreary office. She looked back at it as she was about to leave, there was so much paperwork to be done after she was done greeting this new villager, and she hoped that the mayor wasn't too down in the dumps to at least help her with some of it. 

Once outside, Isabelle noted how lovely and breezy it was. There was so many trees, all carefully planted so that only minimal sunlight hit the ground, it was beautiful. However she didn't have much time to admire the town and dutifully went to the outside of the train station.  

With great timing as ever, she heard the rumble of the train approaching. She waited patiently and couldn't help feeling a bit nervous as she thought back to what the mayor said. But she didn't have much time to think because soon after a new face emerged from the station.

"Hello, uh this is Fab City right?" 

Isabelle blinked, the new human looked nothing like the mayor. 

"Yes this is Fab City. Ah I've been expecting you. You're moving here right?"

The human nodded their head." Yep I sure am. Hmmm are you the mayor? You're just adorable."

Isabelle smiled bashfully." Hehe I'm not the mayor, I'm merely the secretary. The mayor is in the town hall, you'll meet her soon. So what's your name dear?"

The human stuck out their hand." I'm Cherie. Nice meet you uh-" she looked hard at Isabelle's name tag." Isabelle."

Isabelle liked her cheerful attitude, it reminded her of how a preppy villager would act. Isabelle chuckled." Well Cherie how about you come join me at the office-" she stopped herself. " Wait do you have a home to live in? I can't resister you until you have a place to live in." 

Cherie nodded her head." I do have a home here already. I bought a house before I moved hehe, oh and I have all my stuff moved there too."

Isabelle gave her a small smile." Good that will certainly make the process go much smoother." This walk to the office made Isabelle think back to how the mayor moved here six years ago. She was so unprepared, not even a bell or piece of furniture with her. It was hard to believe that she was picked to be mayor and even doubted her ability to be a successful mayor, however with time she really built herself up and so did the town.

"So what made you want to move here, Cherie?" 

Cherie grinned." Well to be honest, I used to live in this  giant city called Vonik that was full of people. I used to live with my parents in an apartment and it was kind of stressful since money became harder and harder to find. I guess you could say that the economy was slowly collapsing and well my parents thought that it would be better if I moved out before everything collapsed. I looked for affordable places to live and well I stumbled upon this place in a flyer. Though it's too bad my parents couldn't come, because ya know space limit but I'm sure they'll figure something out, heh so here I am."

Isabelle felt a tinge in her heart." Aww that's so sad to hear, but I'm glad you at least found a cozy place to live, I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends and have a nice time here. Maybe you'll be able to visit your parents every once in a while."

Cherie smiled." It's fine, ha at least this place seems a lot nicer."

Isabelle nodded." It sure is, the mayor is always creative, thoughtful, and innovative when it comes to this town's design. Fab City is always improving on a daily basis and I'm sure you'll enjoy its beauty."

Cherie nodded." It's all very pretty...erm this mayor though, who is she exactly, um what's she like?"

Isabelle looked at the ground." Well that's a great question. Hmmm for starters her name is Nora, though she prefers to just be called mayor. She's a human, just like you and is a good mayor, but she's not very keen on talking much, and can be quite harsh at times. Though I'm sure she doesn't mean to be so harsh, that's just how she is...she's lovely really. Heh I'm sure you two will get along just alright."

Cherie looked at Isabelle." That doesn't sound very promising."

Isabelle sighed." To be honest, she wasn't looking forward to you moving in this morning. Though maybe it's because she hasn't seen a human in such a long time and feels a bit threatened. I don't know if humans are very territorial but that's how some animals are." Isabelle brightened up." Although maybe once she sees that you're really nice and not a threat, she'll be okay."

Cherie gave Isabelle a confused looked." I guess humans are an extent. Heh I hope she doesn't stay upset at me forever, that would suck."

Isabelle pointed the the green colored building." There's the town hall!" 

Cherie was amazed at the all the purple roses that surrounded it. It was a giant field of flowers, all in full bloom and seeming to sparkle with holy radiance." Woooah look at all those flowers!"

Isabelle nodded." Yes they're gorgeous. The mayor wanted a giant field of flowers and well after a couple of months it grew and kept growing until the mayor was finally satisfied with it."

By that time, the two were already at the entrance of the town hall, Isabelle opened the door with a smile plastered on her face, though Cherie could tell it was partly fake, in fact Isabelle seemed to be nervous. Cherie followed her as they went inside, Isabelle's hair accessory jingling with each step and filling the silent room with noise. 

"Hello mayor, I hope you're feeling well. I brought the new villager to resister her into the town."

The mayor still hasn't gotten up from the chair. It worried Isabelle greatly since she normally was always professional and hardly ever reacted to a new villager like this. 

" Heh heh, hold on Cherie, wait here." Isabelle went over to the mayor and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Mayor, the new villager is here, it's time to greet them."

The mayor groaned." Just resister them and help the villager get settled in, I'm not greeting them today."

Cherie heard that and scowled, the mayor seemed so rude.

Isabelle nodded." Okay, I hope you greet her soon then, she's really nice."

Isabelle went to the large desk." Okay Cherie, lets get you registered. Er you need to fill out this form first, here's a pen." She handed a form and pen to Cherie, who quickly filled it out and handed it back." Okay your birthday, number, address, mmmm, seems to check out excellently. Now let me type this in to print out a town card...and here it is. You're officially a resident of Fab City!" Isabelle smiled warmly and handed the card to Cherie as well as a map. 

Cherie smiled happily." Thanks, it's kind of exciting to finally be part of the town."

Isabelle nodded." Yes I'm sure you'll grow to love it here...erm normally I would show you around the town, however there are some needs I need to address.I have full faith in your ability to find your new home with the map I have given you. Also feel free to explore the town and introduce yourself to the other villagers. I wish you well."

Cherie smiled." I do too, it was nice meeting you, see you around."  

And with that Cherie went out of the town hall.

Isabelle sighed and turned towards the mayor." Mayor what is the meaning of this? You just can't treat someone new like this." 

The mayor sat up in the chair." Well I don't like her, simple as that." 

Isabelle frowned." You can't hate someone just because of their species, come on she seemed really nice."

The mayor scowled like a stubborn child." Heh you say that now but I'm sure you'll change your mind once this town is tarnished." 

"Come on mayor, give Cherie a chance, maybe you'll make friends with her. At least greet her later on."

The mayor sighed." Fine I will, although don't say I didn't warn you."

Isabelle smiled." Thank you mayor, I'm sure you'll get over this."

The mayor just rolled her eyes and got up from the chair.

"Now that's over with, I'm going going back to my house to recuperate. I'm confident that you can handle everything today." 

Isabelle forced a smiled as she looked back at the mountain of paperwork." Yes I will mayor. I hope you rest well."

The mayor only left with a half wave and the room was once again filled with silence.

Frill life chapter 1: The First Day
This isn't a very serious story but it will definitely pick up in the next chapter. Hope you all enjoy.This is an acnl fan fiction.
here is the summary:
A town full of animals can bring its own hardships and challenges, however for the mayor, things are about to get a lot harder when a human  shows up in town one fateful day.  Watch the town go up in flames or perhaps it'll bring a new feeling to the town.
Tired as heck but trying to stay active
Hey guys, I got some news for you. So I started a blog that follows the progress of the major book series that I'm currently making. (Castle story, well doesn't have an official name yet)  However this blog isn't just that, it also has some tips on how make good characters or stories. It doesn't always have to be for a book, it can be for anything really. If you want you can check it out. Also I blab a lot about my characters, so if you want to learn more about them and ask questions here you go.

Also idk if you're interested in wanting to watch livestreams about art and writing and other stuff but you can follow my instagram and twitter for that.
Instagram is: fire_farm
Twitter is: FireFarmT

So yeah just letting you guys know. Also it's 2017 finally and I am excited.


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Hello and welcome to this glittery paradise where I dump some sick literature and some snazzy art pieces. As for myself I am only a girl who likes to work on my various series and make good characters. Hope you enjoy my work.
If you want to see more stuff, you can follow my instagram and twitter for things such as livestreams, seeing my face, and other things insta @ Fire_farm and twitter @ FireFarmT
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